SOME Center for Employment Training

The SOME Center for Employment Training (SOME CET), our highly successful job training program, offers six months of technical hard skills and soft skills instruction in the building maintenance and health care sectors. At The Conway Center, SOME CET will expand to serve 300 students per year – nearly three times
as many
as it trained just three years ago.

  • We have a tradition at SOME CET – everyone who gets a job rings the bell. And all of the students come into the hall and cheer – they cheer for you and because it makes them feel like it worked for you and it’s going to work for them.”

Why Job Training at SOME CET?

Nearly 30,000 District residents are unemployed, many of them lacking the skills needed to secure a decent job. At the expanded SOME Center for Employment Training, students will qualify for, obtain and keep good jobs that reward work with a living wage and benefits.
The Center places 85% of graduates in living wage jobs with benefits, and over 70% retain those jobs for at least one year. Graduates are able to provide for themselves and their families and no longer need to rely on public support.


  • Licensed and credentialed technical skills training
  • Soft skills instruction
  • Job placement services
  • Adult basic education
  • Employment retention supports
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to SOME’s comprehensive network of services


See How SOME’s Job Training is Changing Lives