Green Building

SOME’s investment in environmentally sound building construction and maintenance
at the Benning Road project reflects our commitment to reduce the environmental
impact of the new building, reduce energy and water usage and
fulfill our obligation to make careful use of donated funds.

SOME’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified project at Benning Road will incorporate innovative green building and energy-efficient designs. Green building incorporates renewable energy, sustainable materials and energy-saving technology, reducing operation and maintenance costs. Green building practices can lessen the ecological impact of development while improving the quality of life of low-income households. The Benning Road project is designed to achieve the USGBC’s LEED for Homes Multifamily Mid-Rise Silver Certification.

Green features will include:

  • Vegetated Green Roof that will reduce heat loss and energy consumption in winter and significantly reduce cooling loads.
  • High-efficiency windows, increased insulation and Energy Star appliances.
  • High efficiency fixtures and fittings, including low-flow lavatories, showers and faucets.
  • Sustainable local, natural building materials made from renewable resources.
  • The project will divert 75% of construction waste through reuse and recycling programs.
  • The native plant landscaping and green roof will reduce water runoff and filter pollutants.