The Conway Center –
Creating Community through Art

Art plays a vital role in creating community, engaging citizens and stimulating dialogue in meaningful and responsive ways. This is why we are developing an art collection at the future site of the Conway Center on Benning Road in the District that will provide job training, healthcare and affordable housing for homeless and extremely low income families and single adults. Our mission with the collection is to simultaneously inspire and give voice to the residents, staff and surrounding community.

We believe incorporating artworks at the Conway Center will further the community’s sense of spirit and pride as well as contribute to the visual character of the SOME community. The collection of artworks installed throughout the facility will honor voices that are being pushed to the margins while promoting a diverse and stimulating cultural environment to enrich the lives of the residents, staff and community visitors.

Griffin House art

The collection will include art of all mediums to encourage moments of contemplation, celebrate cultural heritage and offer visual inspiration. The collection will reflect the diversity and artistic vitality of Washington D.C. and is a model of pride in keeping with the SOME tradition.

The collection will be exhibited throughout the 320,000-square-foot complex. Selected areas of the collection, which are currently being developed through artist outreach, will be publicly accessible and the broader community welcome. Commissioned artwork will be defined by uplifting themes of dignity, interaction and vitality.

Our goal is to maintain ongoing arts programming which may include artist residencies, resident classes and a lecture series to facilitate dialogue.

“The mission of the Conway Center art program is to enhance our services and our understanding of the world around us with inspiring art that will be an asset to our overall community,” explains Fr. John Adams, President of SOME. “We believe the art will go hand in hand with our work, which is dedicated to helping our brothers and sisters in need and to raising awareness of homelessness and poverty.”

Curated by Vikki Tobak and Deirdre Ehlen Macwilliams in collaboration with SOME