Building Hope Capital Campaign

The Building Hope Capital Campaign will take SOME’s holistic service model one step further by allowing us to offer affordable housing, job training and health care under one roof at The Conway Center. This 320,000 square foot green building will be the first facility in the District to combine these services in a single location. It will occupy a full city block and is located directly across from the Benning Road Metro, east of the Anacostia River. The Conway Center’s innovative architecture and landscaping will result in an inspiring building that promotes community revitalization, and its interior layout, colors and materials will offer a warm and spacious environment.

*SOME Center for Employment Training                                                                                                                                                         Wiencek + Associates Architects + Planners

The completed facility will provide:

Why Building Hope?

Offering SOME’s comprehensive services in one location will move individuals quickly from poverty to independence.
  • Affordable housing is a platform for services, such as job training, that create opportunities for life-long success.
  • The job training offered at the SOME Center for Employment Training helps students to qualify for, obtain and keep good jobs that reward work with a living wage and benefits.
  • Combining medical care and affordable housing dramatically improves the health and well-being of vulnerable men, women and children.

Why Now?

By simultaneously addressing the most critical issues that they face, poor and homeless District residents will achieve lasting stability and independence.
  • Nearly 110,000 men, women and children in our nation’s capital live in poverty. Approximately 7,300 of them, including 2,049 children, are homeless.
  • Nearly half of the District’s affordable housing has disappeared over the past decade.
  • Nearly 30,000 District residents are unemployed, many lacking the skills needed to secure a decent job.
  • Many low-income District residents, including those in Benning Heights, live in federally designated Medically Underserved Areas – overall, almost half of primary and mental health care needs in the District are not being met.


The Conway Center, which will occupy one entire block of Benning Road, NE, will cost $90 million.
  • Funding comes from gifts and pledges, and in approved public funding, tax credits,
    tax exempt bonds, and low interest loans.