Conway Center Update

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This month, we began pouring the foundation for The Conway Center, our soon-to-be 320,000 square foot building on Benning Road, NE. Following months of excavation when crews burrowed three stories underground, this marks the beginning of a construction phase that will excite and inspire Benning Heights residents and visitors.
As construction progresses, students from the SOME Center for Employment Training (SOME CET) will be placed with the project’s electrical, plumbing and concrete subcontractors. Participating in paid, on-the-job training will be invaluable to our students and will literally help us to build The Conway Center. Soon, 300 low-income students will be training in the expanded SOME CET that current students helped construct.
The synchronicity of this project – even in its construction – is what makes it so special. As Next City, a news outlet that reports on promising urban policies, noted, The Conway Center “represents a breaking down of silos when it comes to serving the poor.” Providing affordable housing, job training and healthcare in one location provides a new opportunity for low-income individuals and families to establish stability and improve their lives.

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